Company Partners

Pierre-Marie SARANT

As founder, Associate and President of the company, he has a 32-year field experience in emergency operations and earthquakes. He is an expert in search and rescue, and crisis management (14 years with MSF and International Organizations), lessons learned, population and emergency professionals behaviour, as well as emergency preparedness (14 years in CoRisk International). He worked on 14 major earthquakes globally. He wrote a thesis on the future of satellite images for crisis management (CNAM 1993) and provided training on satellite communications.

Gaëlle LE ROUX

As an IT and telecommunication engineer, she is the founder, associate and R&D director of CynSIS, she has 15-year experience in innovative application development for large corporate clients in Accenture Research and Development Labs. Her technical knowledge includes sensor networks, big data, and mobile technologies. She created and managed Accenture’s R&D Lab for the Asia Pacific region in Beijing, China.

François Beauducel

As a geophysicist and professor at the IPGP. He has over 20 years of experience in basic research and instrumental monitoring in telluric risk areas (Indonesia, West Indies, Italy...). It has been 7 years director of the Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Guadeloupe.

Oliver Schick

Director of Prevention2000 Association, specializing in the prevention of natural disasters. Former director of SME graduated from French business school.

Elisabeth Réglat

As an health and occupational health advisor in a multinational. She has a long humanitarian experience with MSF, ICRC, UNHCR, including several post- seismic interventions.

Francisco Diaz

Francisco is CEO of a philanthropic foundation. His career in international organizations has led him to participate in many relief operations during natural disasters, earthquakes, tsunami.

Dr. Olivier KLEITZ

He is a SAMU emergency physician and consultant for territorial health policy. Witnessed several earthquakes in the Caribbean and member of the first evaluation and coordination team of WHO in Haiti in 2010. Convinced of the need to focus prevention policies on the individual.

Françoise Pagney Benito-Espinal

She is Professor in University of the West Indies and Guiana, geographer, at the heart of territories exposed to many natural threats for over 30 years, Guadeloupe and Martinique.

Eric Laurent

Technical advisor to the World Health Organization. He also worked on the formation of relief operations in the event of earthquakes and other emergencies with Doctors Without Borders. He has field experience over the last thirty years in many countries in different regions of the world.

Jean-Marc Montout

He is accountant and auditor with over 15 years of professional experience, supporting entrepreneurship. Located in a known seismic zone, Guadeloupe (French West Indies), he is involved in the social economy for nearly 20 years. « Much success to this technological, human and solidarity adventure ».