Management team

Pierre-Marie SARANT

Founder, company director and president

As founder, Associate and President of the company, he has a 32-year field experience in emergency operations and earthquakes. He is an expert in search and rescue, and crisis management (14 years with MSF and International Organizations), lessons learned, population and emergency professionals behaviour, as well as emergency preparedness (14 years in CoRisk International). He worked on 14 major earthquakes globally. He wrote a thesis on the future of satellite images for crisis management (CNAM 1993) and provided training on satellite communications.

Gaƫlle LE ROUX

Founder, company director and R&D director

As an IT and telecommunication engineer, she is the founder, associate and R&D director of CynSIS, she has 15-year experience in innovative application development for large corporate clients in Accenture Research and Development Labs. Her technical knowledge includes sensor networks, big data, and mobile technologies. She created and managed Accenture’s R&D Lab for the Asia Pacific region in Beijing, China.