QuakeShare Pro

An innovative tool for prevention and management of seismic crisis for professionals and organisations.

Do you work in an area where there is a risk of earthquakes?

  • Are you able to assess that risk and how it may impact your business
  • Will you be able to take the right decisions if you face such a disaster?
  • Have you run earthquake simulations with your staff?
  • Do you know how long they need to reach safety?
  • Do you have the right tools to evaluate in real time the status of your staff in an emergency?
  • How will you ensure that the rescue services get to the wounded?
QuakeShare - My safety companion

QuakeShare is a smartphone application feeding into a collaborative service platform for preparedness, early warning dissemination and relief assistance effort optimisation after an earthquake.

It is composed of two key tools:

  • A smartphone application for qualified geolocated information
  • A dashboard to prepare, manage and provide lessons learned of a seismic crisis.

It adapts to an organisation’s profile and needs : its size, distribution to one or more sites, number of staff, stationary or mobile, level of preparedness to the risk, magnitude if the crisis.

QuakeShare on devices


QuakeShare, is unique in its global earthquake approach. The application:

  • Creates a real-time alert during an earthquake as an early warning
  • Mobilises immediately the relief teams and informs on affected zones.
  • Strengthens crisis response: personal emergency beacon-like, information sharing between victims and aid, providing optimized operational services…
  • Provides decision support for temporary shelters and reconstruction
  • Supports emergency drills for earthquake conditions and risk knowledge.


QuakeShare is unique in its global approach, taking into account alert, crisis response, reconstruction and preparedness.

The solution is based on smartphone and web development, combined with space technologies. In a crisis, satellite images will efficiently extend information from sensors and people on the ground. Precise geolocations and timestamps will be extremely valuable to dispatch early warning information and to extract buried people.

For the relief assistance, we will provide detailed operational maps, with real-time evaluation of infrastructures and networks. Coupled with augmented reality, it will enable to guide disaster relief assistance teams efficiently and to access victims quickly. Lives will be saved.

CynSIS wants to create the biggest information network of proactive seismic and human sensors through the use of smartphones, and on a 3-year horizon, with smart network objects.

IoT AwardGalileo Master 2011QuakeShare from CynSIS is born following the participation of its founder, Pierre-Marie Sarant, into a scientific mission organised by the “Association Française du génie parasismique” (AFPS). The aim was to collect lessons learned one week after the L'Aquila earthquake in Italy in March 2009. 

QuakeShare is winner of the Galileo Master 2011 for the Nice Sophia Antipolis region and Finalist IoT M2M World Innovation 2015.