The Company

CynSIS develops innovative technology solutions to structure and share critical data in the event of environmental disasters.

CynSIS solutions save lives by providing real-time critical information on the geolocation and the status of victims or witnesses, they enable all stakeholders involved in disaster crisis management, to mobilise faster and to act better collectively in real time, and be better prepared before the event.

Pierre-Marie Sarant is the founding President of CynSIS. He has been a key figure within the humanitarian world for more than 30 years, operating in more than 50 countries during humanitarian crises and natural disasters, including 14 earthquakes.


The needs:

  • 530 Million people in known earthquake zones
  • In E.U : €95 Billion economic loss due to disasters
  • Earthquake preparedness and risk migitation not widespread
  • Better use of technologies to save lives

His experience has led him to two conclusions:

  • the lack of sharing of scientific and critical information
  • the poor usage of digital technology.

Reason why he has privileged new technologies and surrounded himself with a multidisciplinary team of experts specialised in geophysics, telecommunications and networks, technological innovation, geographical information systems, geography, risk education and emergency medicine.

A collaborative platform:

  • End-to-End Disaster Risk Reduction & Management:
    • Preparedness,
    • Alert/ Notification
    • Crisis Management
    • Lessons-learned
  • At the crossroad of mobile, IT, satellite, geophysics and field emergency experience.