Users & markets

Earthquake/disaster crisis managementCynSIS with QuakeShare targets 2 prime markets:  

  1. The stakeholders which are professional organisations:
    businesses set up within seismic zones (banks, insurance, manufacturing...), critical infrastructure providers (telecom operators, water, energy, roads, ports etc), authorities, emergency assistance (disaster relief, rescue teams, emergency services…),

  2. General public and communities


Towards the end of 2015, CynSIS will address the general public: individuals and members of communities, either living in a seismic area or working and/or travelling in seismic zones.. An individual QuakeShare application for smartphones will then be released. This application will also raise the awareness and educate these individuals on  the disaster phenomena and on how to be informed in real time.

Through this application, individuals will contribute to the development of the secure QuakeShare global solidarity-based disaster management network and to the transmission of the information to communities, professionals, authorities and emergency services.


CynSIS’ compilation of market data highlighted that today at least 110 countries have been officially identified as having major seismic risk and that this list is for ever increasing. We also identified that 8% of the world population is exposed to severe natural disasters such as earthquakes. And finally the 2013 USGS publication “Global Earthquake Fatalities & Population” states that “…65% of the world major cities may be subject to seismic shaking”.

To reduce environmental disasters’ economic impact and casualties, QuakeShare from CynSIS is developing the largest structured data source. QuakeShare is the missing link between the different stakeholders and the population and visitors of seismic zones.